About Us

I’ve always liked Trains. Grew up 4 blocks from the Old B&O railway station in the center of Winchester, Va. I could hear the trains coming in and out of town. I remember the Railway Express office next door to the B&O Staition on Picadilly St.

There was another station out off Amherst St., originally built by the Cumberland Valley R.R. the other side of town. That station is now a theater. I didn’t even know it was there until after I turned 10 or maybe a little more.

While I was a teen most of my train stuff disappeared, I just had cars and other things on my mind so we passed it all on to others. My dad kept the O guage he had bought years ago, which was the set we used under the Christmas Tree when we were kids, until someone offered him a bunch of cash for them. He let them go. I’m sure who ever bought them is still enjoying them or has passed them on to someone else to enjoy.

So how did I get interested again? Thomas the Tank Engine….

Almost 30 years ago my sister was teasing me about my fascination with Thomas the Tank Engine. The interest in Thomas started when I was watching Thomas and Friends on TV with my son who was probably four or five at the time,

That Christmas she bought me a Percy ornament for my Christmas Tree and told me she expected to see it every year on the tree after that. Other people noticed My Percy ornament’s presence on a hallway Shelf after Christmas and decided to buy or give me other items… There’s several shelves full of train stuff in the hallway now.

I also started watching real trains during my travels and paying attention to them again. Finally I built this website. I certainly hope you’ll enjoy it!!!