Railfan & Railroad January 2021

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Remembering the Rio Grande Ski Trainby Steve Patterson — A Denver tradition for generations, the Rio Grande Ski Train enjoyed a long run into the 21st century and a brief revival under Amtrak.

Portfolio: No Rulesby Samuel Phillips — A young photographer explores trackside vistas night and day in search of unique images and experiences.

Port Inland Railroadby C.N. Southwell — This obscure Michigan short line operation runs a lot of trains! Spoiler: There’s access only from one public grade crossing.

Engineer for an Hourby Ron Flanary — A 1966 visit to Cincinnati led to the opportunity of a lifetime for a young railfan to pilot a Louisville & Nashville E7.

El Paso PCCsby Gordon Lloyd Jr. — Surviving as an international cross-border route until 1974, the current operation revived in 2019 remains within city limits.

Remembering Algoma F-Unitsby Steve C. Bradley — For nearly 16 years, a fleet of 11 former VIA Rail F-units pulled passenger trains on Ontario’s Algoma Central.


Camera Bag/tips and techniques: Adrienne Evans

Departures/commentary: Alexander Benjamin Craghead

LocoNotes/diesel spotters: Kenneth M. Ardinger

Markers/additional thoughts from your editors

On The Menu/railroad dining, art, and culture: James D. Porterfield

Parting Shot/Eugene Armer

Preservation Topics/this stuff is old, man: Ryan Reed

Railnews/top news stories and photos from our readers

Railroadiana/new product, book, and video reviews

Through My Lens/trackside memories: Kevin EuDaly

Transit Currents/transit news: Bob Gallegos

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